What You Need to Know Before You Go

Health & Safety

Can I drink the water?
Tap water is generally safe to drink in Grenada and the locals have no problem. However, for those not used to it, we recommend bottled water, especially in remote areas.

Is Grenada safe?
Grenada is safe for visitors. In fact, it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Use common sense and precautions as you would when travelling anywhere else in the world. In an emergency call the police at 911.

Do I need shots before I go?
There are no immunization requirements for Grenada unless you are arriving from infected areas.

What about other health hazards?
Mosquitos can be a problem. Be sure to buy mosquito repellant to apply at dawn and dusk. For those not used to high temperatures, high humidity, damp conditions, or lack of fluids – prickly heat, heat exhaustion, and sun damage can be a major problem. Take precautions by drinking plenty of fluids at all times (but not only beer and rum punch!), limit sun bathing, don’t overdo it with physical activities, and stay cool by dressing lightly. Visitors requiring medical attention will be asked to pay up front for all services.

Is it safe to go in the ocean?
Grenada’s waters are safe and clean.

What’s the food like?
Traditional Grenadian food can be classified as Caribbean Creole, which includes a combination of seafood, tropical fruit, vegetables & spices with an East Indian influence. It’s not as spicy as some of the other islands, and international cuisine has increased due to growing tourism. You’ll find a large selection of restaurants offering various styles and suited to all budgets. Grocery stores feature local and international foods, as well as a selection of wines from France, the US, Chile and Argentina. The fresh catch of the day can be found at the fish market in St. George’s. There are also roadside stands selling fresh local fruit and vegetables.

Planning and Organization

When is the best time to go?
Grenada’s weather can be split into two seasons: The Dry Season (November – May) and The Rainy Season (June – October). The rainy season is a bit misleading though. In the summer months, Grenada sees torrential rains – but only for a few minutes at a time, and then the sun comes out again. Don’t worry – you can have plenty of fun in the sun at this time of year! Temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year with highs reaching 28-32C and lows around 25C. The summer months feel a bit more humid though.

Is it a problem for disabled or senior visitors?
Generally, Grenada is not as accommodating for disabled travelers. The streets downtown are uneven and there are plenty of hills, steep slopes and steps. With a little extra planning, your stay can be comfortable and enjoyable. Many restaurants provide disabled traveler facilities and tours can be easily done by private taxi. At Villa Amarillo the property is entered from the ground floor where there are two bedrooms. There is a small flight of stairs to the main living area.

What should I pack?
Grenada’s climate is hot, humid and tropical so lightweight tops, shorts, skirts, sandals, and a hat is appropriate. DO NOT FORGET your bathing suit, sunscreen and mosquito repellant! If you plan on hiking be sure to bring sturdy shoes for muddy conditions, along with lightweight long sleeve shirts and long trousers. Be sure to pack enough prescription medication if needed. Your housekeeper will launder your clothes as required.

Do I need to rent a car?
Having a car is strongly recommended, but not an absolute necessity, especially if you are not comfortable driving on the left. We can arrange for a rental car to be delivered to the Villa or we have a driver whom you can hire by the day. Taxis are readily available and willing to take you anywhere. The bus system is also an efficient and inexpensive alternative.

What is the currency?
Caribbean Dollar (EC$ or XCD), US$1.00 = EC$2.67 Fixed Rate

Distances to local amenities

  • True Blue Resort: 5 minute walk
  • St. George’s University 5 minute drive
  • Aquarium Beach: 5 minute drive
  • Grand Anse Beach: 10 minute drive
  • Grocery Stores: 10 minute drive
  • Airport: 5 minute drive
  • Shopping Center: 10 minutes drive
  • Downtown St. George’s: 15 minute driving
  • Round-the-Island Tour: 4-5 hours driving
  • Restaurants: 5 minutes walk or 5-15 minutes driving

What is the time zone?
GMT -4 hours

What is the electrical voltage?
220V, 50Hz is the main voltage for the island. At Villa Amarillo we have installed 110v outlets as well for our visitors from the US.

What is the local language?

What is the International Telephone Code?
+1 473