Snorkelling in Grenada

I have travelled to Grenada 3 times and am an avid snorkeler.  The coral around Grenada has made a gradual recovery since Hurricane Ivan in 2004.   The marine life is rich and there are many species of fish to be seen, including large schools of reef fish and even Lion Fish (although they are not native and actually are causing more harm than good).  What is great about Grenada is most of the best reef snorkelling is a short swim from the beach.  It is not easy to hire snorkelling equipment unless you are on a boat trip.  If you can bring your own, it is much easier than renting.

The best snorkelling is at Aquarium beach (Magazine Beach), which is opposite the airport.  There is a restaurant there called Aquarium which is right on the beach and has excellent food and cocktails.  They hire beach loungers for 10EC but we just use our beach towels.  There is a shower you can use to rinse off when you have been in the water and bathrooms in the restaurant.  The restaurant is closed M-W but you can still use their facilities.  Snorkelling is best 5 metres off the beach and depending on your swimming skills is even better a further 10 metres off the beach.

You will have heard about the sculpture park and the only way to get there is by boat.  I recommend either, Aquanauts:

or book through Rex Resort:

The other place you can snorkel is at Dragon Beach, which is on the marine reserve.

You will miss the turnoff on the left very easily so look for the sign on the left, which leads to a VERY STEEP drive that takes you to the beach.  There is a rum shack there where you can get cold drinks (including soft drinks), the Rasta man who runs it is very friendly.  He also runs a kayak rental company if you want to go out in the bay to see the underwater sculpture park, you can also snorkel out to see the sculpture park but you need to be a strong swimmer as the current is strong the further out you go. If you don’t want to rent a kayak please buy a drink as it supports local business.  You can snorkel right off the beach, you need to head either right towards the rocks on the left or right, but don’t go out too far on the left to the edge of the bay as the current does get a bit strong.  As long as the water has not been churned up by a storm you will see lots of fish corals and sea fans.  This is where I spotted a Lion Fish (NEVER touch them they are poisonous!)  I am told there are sea horses so look for those.  I have seen at least 100 different species of fish including a puffer!

There is also snorkelling off Grande Anse beach but it is limited.  You will see lots of schooling fish that can be fun to watch.  I have seen rays and sea turtles. The best snorkelling off Grande Anse is further down the beach in front of Mount Cinnamon Resort, again not as nice as the other spots.

Another less known snorkelling spot is off the beach of the Calabash Hotel.  Lance Aux Epines beach. All beaches in Grenada are public and the hotel cannot stop you from using the beach.  The snorkelling is along the rocks on the right hand side of the beach and gets better and better the further along the rocks you go.  It can get very shallow there but there is a lot to see.  The hotel has a lovey beach side restaurant and the best rum punch on the island!

No trip to Grenada is complete without exploring the many waterfalls.  Here is a great guide I found which will explain how to get to them and also recommends hikes!

If you really want to push the boat out then plan a day trip to Tobago Quays!  Ask Anna as she can help organise a day trip for you. The best snorkelling will be there, but it is expensive but worth it.  It is a sea turtle sanctuary so you are pretty much guaranteed to see them in the wild.

I hope that information helps make your stay in Grenada a memorable one!